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GAMA is a professional market-driven Global Business Consulting Organization located at India. It has rich National and International exposure and experience in Business Development and Investment Promotion. It serves as an ideal first point contact source in India for getting authentic information & prompt assistance that you may require either for exploring new business avenues or for augmenting, streamlining, consolidating existing operations. Geographical trade borders are being erased, the market place is expanding, and new International opportunities are being created every day. In this Global Economy, no Business can afford to overlook International markets, competition and resources. It serves as an ideal Gateway and provides an opportunity not only for Large Companies but also for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of India , to become Global competitors from being regional players.

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Our Approach :

At GAMA, we value and nurture long term relationships. It's never "us and you", but rather an alliance where we're both working towards a common goal: achieving the best solution for you. We will help you scan and analyse your business prospects and plans before you decide to pack your bags to check-in.

How We Create Value:
We work directly for you as your active Business Development Partner in India. Our local network, contacts, resources and proactive attitude create your direct contact with your clients.
Our hands-on-experience and deep understanding of the Indian marketplace helps to design competitive strategy to make new products and services click despite many odds and cultural differences. We work hand-in-hand with you to "Make-it-Happen" sooner than later.

How We Make It Happen :
In the price sensitive Indian market, introduction of new products, services and technologies succeed or fail based just not on their merits but also on company's skills at getting them successfully adopted by customers.

Therefore, GAMA was created to be the active Business Development Partner of its clients and to take them straight to their target audience.

Our Team :

The foundation upon which our team is created is based upon the premise that motivated people and long-standing relationships are the ultimate tools of success; and creativity, energy, perseverance and loyalty are just as important as a platinum resume.
We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with proven problem solving, consulting and analytical skills.
Our Team consists of Domain Experts & Technical Experts so as to provide world class consulting solutions to our clients.
The primary strength of our consultants is to work with the client organization to optimize resources & implement the improvement strategies successfully. An assignment begins with an accurate assessment of people, processes and strategies. Our consultants define competitive strengths and threats plus performance gaps and growth potential. To assure implementation and mastery, our consultants will develop execution plans and control plans.

Partnerships & Alliances
GAMA recognises the importance of Partnerships to grow and compete in the ever growing market place. In its efforts to cater to the diverse needs of industry, GAMA partners with associate consultants, institutions and companies across the globe. GAMA seeks like-minded partners to explore and expand into the global market place in its focus areas.

GAMA is currently associated and partnered with many of such associate consultants, institutions and Companies Globally.

Our Services :

Global Advisory Services :

We provide following Services to Companies who wish to Explore & Develop Business & Trade Opportunities in India, either by selling their Products/Technologies or by setting up joint venture projects in collaboration with local partners. These services assist them to become more aware of the business scenarios of today and enable them to take more accurate and timely decisions for maximum gain.

General Product/Technology Survey of the Indian Market
* Market and pre feasibility study for a specific product/technology
* Product/technology import or export potential/ feasibility

Market Product/Technology Testing
* Testing & Display of selected product/technology through special promotions
* Advice on Product/technology adaptation

Sourcing Assistance
* Assistance for souring particular products or specific services
* Assistance in identifying and qualifying local partner for a joint venture projects

Market Entry Services
* Participation in Trade Fairs in India and neighboring countries
* Consultancy for incoming and outgoing missions
* Organization of incoming and outgoing buying delegations

Human Resources Development
* Selection of personnel for Indian operation
* Organization orientation/Training/Marketing Seminars/Workshops.

Bilateral Co-operation
* Consultancy for arranging Technical and trade Co-operation with private and/or trade promotion organizations.

Multilateral Assistance
* Liaison and project Co-ordination with international agencies/organisation and banks.

Business, Market and Social Research
* GAMA have undertaken a wide range of market/business research and household and customer satisfaction surveys for both the public and private sector either in its own right or as an integral key component of strategic planning and transport studies. The types of primary research techniques used include the following:

Infrastructure & Real Estate Advisory :
* Land / Plots Procurements.
* Urban Development Projects.
* Roads, Highways, Bridges & Flyovers.
* Maintenance of Bridges, Roads, Toll Plazas & Flyovers.
* Airports, Sea Ports & Railway projects.
* IT & Communication Services
* Geotechnical Investigation
* Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies & DPR
* SEZ/ STP/ Cluster Development Projects.
* Infrastructure Bidding Process and Pricing Strategy Support.
* Sourcing Global Partners for JV/JD/Investment Partner.
* Legal Services for Title Verification and Resolving Litigations.

Industrial Advisory :
* Industrial Project set up from Concept to Commissioning.
* Complete Relocation of Industrial Project.
* Revival / Rehabilitation of Sick Industries.
* Acquisition of Sinking Industries Project.
* Evaluation of Industrial Assets and Properties.
* LLC & Offshore Company Formation.

Legal & Financial advisory :
* Debt Portfolio Management.
* Credit Syndication & Credit Enhancement.
* Pre Investment Feasibility Studies.
* Techno Economic Viability Report.
* Venture Capital Funding.
* Placement of Equity Capital.
* Financial Restructuring & Re-Engineering.
* Rehabilitation Studies & Revival Plans.
* Foreign Currency External Borrowings.
* Currency Management Services.
* Acquisition, Merger, Franchise & Takeover Plans.

Consulting Procedure :

We differ from other Consulting firms not only in our experiences but also in our approach to serving our clients. We accept no Consulting Projects without first making a detailed evaluation of the needs of the client's company, the goals of its management and the comfort between our two companies. We will schedule the meetings at your office to mutually qualify your Business with GAMA . This is called the Analytical Stage Process.
The Analytical Stage provides both the business owner and GAMA the opportunity to determine the appropriateness of a potential consulting project.

The process starts with a no-fee Consultation, in which we review with you:
1) The organization, 2) What about your organization you want to change and why and 3) What you think the end results should be. We will help you determine what is and is not feasible. The GAMA Consultants will also meet with the staff and key employees to review the Present Business Operations.

In conclusion, GAMA Consultants will give you a clear understanding in terms of what to expect in relation to change, time frames, activities, costs, and expected results. Once we have answered all your questions, if you wish to move forward, we will give you a detailed fees proposal summarizing our prior discussions. If not, we will only bill for our direct out-of-pocket expenses.

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